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Natureland - Organic Heeng Powder (Hing) - 50 GM

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Organic Heeng Powder (Hing/asofoetida) is an antiepileptic, antimicrobial, laxative, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antispasmodic, and anti-flatulent agent. Asafetida helps reduce flatulence, digestive disorders, prevents constipation and is an excellent laxative.

Natureland brings you the best quality of unadulterated natural Heeng Powder which is a mixture of Heeng in Liquid form - 40%, Wheat Flour - 30%, Eatable Gum - 15% and Urad Dal Flour - 15% since heeng cannot be consumed in its raw form or state. 

Enjoy the strong, unique aroma and flavor our heeng for harmonizing sweet, sour, salty and spicy components of your food.

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