Zama Tulsi Blush Kombucha (Watermelon, Holy Basil) - 330ml

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Tulsi Blush : Fresh and bright. Biodynamic tea, watermelon, biodynamic holy basil.

About SOMA: Naturally fizzy and probiotic, a forest to cup kombucha from the Western Ghats of Kerala. Inspired by California kombuchas, our acidity level mirrors champagnes or prosecco, making it enjoyable to have one whole glass, or three. We blend with spring water and honey, for extra deliciousness and purity. DO NOT SHAKE. Chill well before serving.

Size: 330ml

What about the sediment and bits inside the bottles?

SOMA is raw and unfiltered for a reason: to retain sediment and these floaties, probiotics, and vitamin life rafts. Glug them, they’re good for you. You won’t even taste them.

What exactly is inside a bottle of SOMA?

Biodynamically grown mountain green and black teas. Rainforest spices. Leaves and fruits. Ayurvedic blooms from the Himalayas and the Western Ghats. All organic, fresh foraged, or sustainably grown whenever possible. Our ingredients and process, close to the wild forests we source from, are unparalleled.

What is biodynamic tea?

Our tea is grown in accordance with the world’s highest organic standards, Germany’s Demeter Biodynamic Farm Standard. In addition to following all organic practices, biodynamic farms enliven the soil through a holistic Ayurvedic approach that encourages biodiversity and the cultivation of forests. 

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