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RADHIKA Detox Turmeric Tulsi Licorice Chai

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Your granny always advocated the goodness of Turmeric while growing up, which is why, Radhika our founder decided to take this golden herb into her organic teas. From the biodynamic tea estate of Jamguri, Assam only the choicest of tea leaves and buds are picked and blended with Organic Turmeric, Tulsi & Liquorice to brew this iconic cup of golden chai. The Assam tea amplifies the curative powers of these holy herbs making it a perfect detox chai. CTC Chai can be Kadak, but to have chai that is infused with pure and organic leaves is rather rare. We strive hard to give you perfect chai without any dust, chemical or colour. A perfect choice of 100% certified organic chai is here for you.

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