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Natureland - Organic CTC Tea 250 Gm

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Nature Land


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Reality of crop to cup is, it’s stuck on a pesticide treadmill and there are a variety of pesticides that are used in its cultivation, many of them are considered highly toxic by the WHO. In fact the cup we enjoy today is actually a cocktail of pesticide residues, more than 10 kinds or even 20 of them. Indifferent to most produce which is washed prior to its consumption, most teas are oxidized (air dried) without being washed which allows chemicals to steep directly in to your cup.
Natureland invites you to a healthier and Pesticide free Crop to Cup Journey through its CTC Tea which is outcome of sustainable organic agriculture, our tea is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, tannin, falvonols and Vitamins, which helps you to lead a healthier, energized, responsible, smarter and ecofriendly way of life.

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