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Guilt Free Snacks

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  • Pure Ghee and Jaggery based chocolate delicacy
  • No White Sugar
  • Made with whole wheat flour

Ingredients : Wheat flour, Semolina, Jaggery, Pure Ghee, Cocoa Powder, Sunflower Oil

Origin : Andhra Pradesh

Handcrafted Village Snacks is a good Healthy Snacking options for Kids & Adults, Free from Maida & Sugar, are now just one click away!

There are no refined flours, sugars, or even spice powders in any of the product's ingredients. Freshly grinded on-store spices are used. 

Product highlights:
_For all the foodies, health-conscious people and mothers who always worry about unhealthy snacking habits, we present to you Andhra's Famous Recipe - Karam Gavvalu
_Flavourful and crispy
_We use Sunflower Oil only.
_We fry two and a half kgs GaaRELu per litre of Oil. We discard the oil once frying has completed.
_Oil absorption less than 6%.
_Healthy and guilt-free alternative, for potato chips!
_From the villages of Telangana..!

- Best Healthy Snacking options for Kids & Adults

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