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TBOF - Vermicelli Kheer Instant Mix

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Two Brothers Organic Farms - Vermicelli Kheer Mix, 400 g

Artisanal Wholewheat Sevai (Vermicelli) - handcrafted using Khapli wheat, naturally dried and roasted in the Two Brothers A2 Ghee, Sweetened using Mishri, no refined sugar added. Almonds are blanched, de-skinned and carefully cut into pieces by hand.


‘Vermicelli or Sevai Kheer’ is a traditional milk-based sweet preparation. This instant Kheer mix contains handmade Khapli sevai (vermicelli), an assortment of dry fruits and nuts roasted in the TBOF A2 Ghee and spiced using Kesar and Cardamom. It does not contain refined sugar or added flavours.


Empty the entire contents of the bottle into 1-1.5 (2-2.5 litres for 400 g of kheer mix) litres of boiling milk on a medium flame. Let it boil for 5-10 mins, until the vermicelli turn translucent. Serve hot.


Khapli Vermicelli, TBOF Ghee, Mishri, Almonds, Cashew nuts, Green Cardamom and Kesar (saffron).


Q. What is the duration of cooking TBOF Kheer mix?

Entire contents of the bottle is to be added into 1.5 L of whole fat milk (or any milk of choice) and bring to a boil. Boil for 5-10 min on a medium flame.

 Q. Does this mix contain refined sugar? 

No, we have not used refined sugar. Natural sweetener, Mishri has been used. All the ingredients are roasted in the TBOF A2 cultured ghee. 

Q. How is khapli Sevai/Vermicelli is different from regular Sevai? 

Khapli flour is an ancient variety of wheat that we grown from native, heirloom seeds, a healthier and nutritious alternative to the modern day refined wheat flour. It gets easily digested and is tolerated well by people with milk gluten allergies, if introduced gradually into the diet. It is high in protein, rich in magnesium and iron and a good source of dietary fibre.

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