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Beco - Compostable Garbage Bags / Dustbin Bags

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Household Essentials

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Trash that will crash in 180 days! Looks are deceptive, but this ones not. Its a green compostable bag for a greener environment Any doubt? Each of our Garbage Bag has a CPCB certification on it. Usage : Perfect garbage bags for office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, baby diapers, car, & cleaning pets litter.

(Medium - 15 Pieces Each Roll, 19 x 21 inches)

(Large - 10 Pieces Each Roll, 24 x 32 inches)

1. Made from PSM (Plastarch material), using Corn Starch & other plant renewable resources as raw materials, causing zero damage to nature
2. 100% eco-friendly and 0% Plastic
3. Non-toxic & Odorless Garbage Bags
4. Multifunction Waste Bags
5.Beco Compostable Medium Garbage Bags/Trash Bags/Dustbin Bags

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