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This face scrub works beautifully on your dull and tired skin by helping you to shed off dead skin cells. De-tan scrub helps in hydrating the skin and regenerating cells for radiant and glowing skin. Repair your skin from pimple , whiteheads, blackheads and dryness.

Benefits : Revives your skin, Exfoliates dead skin, Removes dust particles, Repairs fine lines and wrinkles, Removes sun tan

How to use :Step 1 – Cleanse your face and neck with a mild face wash before applying the de-tan scrub.Step 2 – Dispense a small amount of scrub on you palm and apply it all over your face in a circular motion (except the eye area) for 2-3 minutesStep 3 – Rinse off with cool water and apply any moisturizerStep 4- Repeat this at least twice a week for tan-free skin


 Reduces & Control Dandruff

Conditions the hair

Combats hair loss

Stimulates hair growth 

adds extra shine

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