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TBOF - Whole Green Gram Moong

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Two Brothers Organic Farms - Whole Green Gram Moong 1 kg,

Whole Green Gram, also called ‘Moong’ is highly recommended in Ayurveda as a daily food for its digestion friendly properties and several nutritional benefits.


This Moong is unpolished and a native variety, grown in the villages of Maharashtra. Moong helps fight acid formation, has cooling, replenishing properties and could be used effectively for weight loss and restoring gut health.


Green Gram


Soak Green Gram for 30 mins-2 hours to make curries, khichdi etc. Soak overnight and grind with fresh herbs and spices to make Pesarattu, Adai and Chillas. Green gram soup is medicinal as per Ayurveda. Cooked Moong can be mixed with buttermilk, ginger and pepper and eaten regularly for improving gut health.

No Additives, Binders, Fillers and Preservatives.

Best before 12 months from manufacturing.

Store in a cool, dry place

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