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Two Brothers Organic Farms - Til Gur Laddoo

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Two Brothers

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Two Brothers Organic Farms - Til Laddoo with Jaggery | Healthy Snack

A traditional mix of sesame and jaggery using native sesame. - Roasted sesame,TBOF jaggery, TBOF cultured ghee and cardamom - 250 gms


Bliss balls (laddu) made with native sesame and sweetened with jaggery


Native sesame is rich in good fats

It is a high energy food

No refined ingredients

Uses A2 ghee

Has anti-ageing properties

Boosts skin, hair and bone health

High in dietary fibre

Rich in antioxidants

It has anti-inflammatory properties


Question 1

Is this sweet Diabetic friendly?

No, it has jaggery, which is a raw, unrefined sugar 

Question 2

How many Laddus are there in a box?

The weight is 250 gms and there are usually 9 Laddus in a box.



Contains no flour , refined sugar or other binders.This product contains no additives,preservatives or artificial flavourings. It is 100% natural. 

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