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Two Brothers Organic Farms - Taramira Honey | Raw, Mono-floral, Unfiltered

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Bees have predominantly used nectar from Taramira (Eruca Sativa or Argula) flowers to make this honey, 350 gms.


Raw, Unpasteurized, Unprocessed honey made naturally by bees.


Raw honey


Arugula or Taramira plant leaves are popular as salad rocket leaves and have a slightly spicy, peppery taste. It is shown to hold various health benefits and could have anticancer properties as well. 

Arugula is considered to be a great choice for expecting mothers to add to their diet since they are a rich source of folates.  

Arugula may help in losing excess weight and also could improve eyesight. This honey is a product of nomadic beekeeping and is produced naturally by our bees.

It is unfiltered.

It is single strained to retain maximum pollen.

It contains other medicinal elements like beeswax and propolis

Honey procured through nomadic beekeeping benefits the environment by encouraging a symbiotic relationship between bees and plant biodiversity



Question 1 

What is Monofloral Honey ? 

Monofloral honey is also called a Single Origin honey. It is a type of honey where the nectar is predominantly obtained from a one plant species. For example, the TBOF Taramira honey is harvested from the north western dry-arid terrains of India where these plants grow really well throughout the year. 

Question 2

For how long can I keep my honey?

Honey being a supersaturated solution, contamination or growth of microorganism is nil. Therefore if stored properly honey can last long, regardless of the expiration date. Need to make sure that we use a dry spoon to scoop the honey and not drop any food particles in the honey bottle. The colour and texture may change which is natural. 

Question 3

I see some particles in my bottle of Honey, is it safe to consume? 

Usage info

Stir well before using. Add the honey to sweeten lukewarm or ice tea, lemon juice or to drizzle onto your favourite fruit and pancakes.

Monofloral honey is delicious and is healthy for the whole family. A salad dressing with honey, cold pressed oil and lemon juice gives a well rounded flavour and is delicious with raw as well as grilled vegetables.

A honey and coconut cake is a splendid taste pairing. Honey is equally versatile to use in a buttercream frosting instead of refined sugar.

Honey with nuts of choice is an absolutely delightful way to satiate the sweet tooth.

Specific storage info

Store in a dry cool place. Part or full crystallization is a natural process.



It is neither artificially flavoured nor infused. It is procured through nomadic beekeeping.This product contains no additives, is free from artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders. 100% natural.

"At TBOF, we do not heat our honey. After harvesting honey, we do a simple straining of the harvested honey through a cloth or mesh. This can result in small pollen grains, wax bits and propolis falling through the cloth or mesh. This is completely natural, safe to consume and carries medicinal properties."

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