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Two Brothers Organic Farms - Rajma (Kidney Beans), 1 KG

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Two Brothers

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Red kidney beans, Seasonal product , locally grown


Good source of protein

Native lentil

Rich in magnesium

Contains antioxidants

Usage info

Red kidney beans are a much loved ingredient in the traditional rajma gravy dish eaten with rice.Rajma /chawal is the ultimate comfort food. 

Red kidney beans are also delicious when used in a Dal Makhni recipe.

This is a bean which is widely used in Mexican cuisine. A double cooking method is used to make refried beans for tacos, enchiladas, Mexican rice and a bean salad.

These are also very versatile to mash and make into cutlets or a dip with nachos and salsa.



It requires an overnight soaking (8 hours ) before cooking. This product contains no additives, chemicals or preservitives.It is 100% natural.

Specific storage info

Store in an airtight container away from damp and direct sunlight

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