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Two Brothers Organic Farms - Filter Coffee Grind | Native Araku Valley | South Indian Style

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Quote by Two Brothers Organic Farms " We are proud to collaborate with Native Araku Coffee (NAC), they work closely with the Adivasis around the dense forests of the Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh. At TBOF, we were on the lookout for opportunities to work with tribal farmers, especially for Coffee. It was when we visited the valley and discovered the cherry-to-cup journey of coffee that we decided to partner with NAC to co-create avenues for exceptional Organic Coffee grown by the tribal farmers of the Valley. The Coffee beans have been custom roasted and bagged by NAC for TBOF."

USP: Wild Cherry

Product Name: Native Araku Valley Coffee, 250 GM

Origin: Single Origin, Ananthagiri Hills, Araku Valley

Variety: 100% Naturally Grown Organic Arabica Coffee

Process: Naturally Dried | Parchment 

Cupper’s Notes - Grapefruit, Mild Jaggery, Citrusy flavour with Spicy afternotes

Elevation - 800-1400 MSL

Harvest - Hand Picked

Roast Type - Custom Roasted (Medium) by NAC for TBOF

Ingredients Arabica Coffee 


*No added sugar, honey, fruit, flavour or chicory.

No Additives, Binders, Fillers and Preservatives

Best before 9 months from manufacturing.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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