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Two Brothers Organic Farms - Mahua Oil

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Mahua seed oil also known as butter tree oil is cold-pressed. 


Cold pressed Mahua (Madhuca Indica) seed oil, also known as Butter Tree Oil or ‘Iluppai Ennai’ or ‘Iluppai Neyyu’ in Tamil which translates as Ghee extracted from the Iluppai (Mahua) seed. This oil is made using seeds from the Mahua trees growing in the wild forests of Gadchiroli, Maharashtra. We work closely with the tribes inhabiting these forests to create awareness and help them with better equipment to work with the Mahua seeds. The Mahua tree is mentioned in our Puranas and is worshiped by many communities in India. In Tamil Nadu the Mahua tree is referred to as the ‘Sthala Vriksha’ at many temples and its oil is used to light lamps. Every part of the tree is useful and hence indigenous tribes in the forests depend on these trees for their livelihood. 


Mahua seed Oil


Considered auspicious for lighting diyas and most required replacement for chemically treated compound oils available in the market for lighting lamps. Mahua seed oil is great for the skin, for pain relief including joint & muscle pain and hence works very well as a massage oil. 

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