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Two Brothers Organic Farms - Gur Kairi Chunda | Pickles & Chutneys

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Gur Kairi Chunda, 300 gm, is a raw mango jam sweet pickle, handmade using grated raw mangoes in small batches using traditional methods. The jam is left to bake in the sun for several days and does not contain refined sugar. Sweet-spicy Raw Mango jam; sweetened with jaggery and sun-baked.


Raw Mango, TBOF Jaggery, Turmeric, Red chilly powder, Roasted Cumin Powder, Misri, Himalayan Pink Salt, Kala Namak 


This is not a recipe prepared on fire or a gas stove. The ingredients are mixed as per the proportions and sun baked for days in clay pots and traditional bharnis, occasionally stirred once in a while until it fully matures.

Excellent for the gut as it is a rich source of probiotics

Works like a pickle when added to a main meal, aids digestion and is rich in fibre.

Usage info

A delicious relish that can add a burst of flavour to any dish!

A sweet spicy pickle is a must have condiment at home. It goes with every kind of carbohydrate staple; rice, roti or bread.

Serve on the side with a hot paratha and curd.

Mix this uniquely flavoured raw mango relish into a cup of yoghurt for a healthy dip to eat with your favourite chips.

Add to sandwiches and rolls along with a spicy green mint chutney and go dizzy with an explosion of flavors in the mouth! 

Can be served like a murabba with spicy biryanis and pulavs to cut the heat!



Question 1 

What is the shelf life of the Gur Kairi Chunda?

It is best before 6 months from the date of packaging. 

Question 2 

What does it taste like? 

It is sweet and tangy. 


Specific storage info

Store in a cool dry place. Ensure that no water gets in by easy of a wet teaspoon or damp hand while opening the lid. Refrigeration is recommended. 


Free from additives, artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders. No chemicals.

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