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TURIL Natural Toilet Cleaner - Green Lemon

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TURIL Cleaning Solutions

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Don't you absolutely adore a shiny, clean home? Just drop in a solution, mop, scrub and clean. Then it's happy you and happy home. There's, however, a way to be happier. Bring home the naturally good Turil. It is herbal based and infused with natural fragrant extracts. Now even if your toddler puts something in his mouth from the just cleaned floor or touches the toilet seat, your heart won’t skip a beat. As the stain removal is completely fumeless with non corrosive, non toxic method.

Moreover, as its biodegradable, with zero harmful chemicals, you can have a sparkling clean home without contaminating the rivers. Homes for sure; Turil cares for the planet too. Give Turil a try and keep your home and Earth in a happy space.

Vinegar, Herbal Extracts, Fragrance.

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