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TBOF - Pallantla Cashew nuts

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TBOF - Pallantla cashew nuts 150g | Healthy Snacks/ Kaju

The story of pallantla and its single origin produce

Pallantla is a quaint, gorgeously green village located in the deverapllai mandal in west godavari district in the state of andhra pradesh.

Yet another indian rural village where life is unrushed, where people rise before the quack of dawn and have returned homes to their families and cattle before the shining stars are clearly visible in the sky.

Blessed with different types of soil, both black and red, farmers here can cultivate various crops. The village is adorned with majestic kadamba trees, hibiscus flowers, every household growing their own vegetables, a small community of people, no one is a stranger.

We spent a few days here with prabhakar setti and sameera, father- daughter duo who remain so committed to nurturing green grandeur on their organic farm via regenerative farming practices. Their cows are loved, fed millets and grains that grow as per season. The fertilizers used are all made on their farm itself.

Their mighty majestic cashew trees are over 3 decades old and one can simply get lost watching the sunlight trickle through the massive canopy of these trees to kiss the ground.

Cashews are picked by hand. The nuts are not segregated in terms of size, color or shape like the hybrid trees. The taste is next level, we haven't tasted cashews so good ever! The difference in taste is so clear. The processing of the cashews is done by hand, in a small industrial belt which employs predominantly women from the nearby villages.

Most cashews found in the market are processed once a year and are dried and dehydrated multiple times to keep them fresh.

Pallantla is famous not just for its kaaju but also for red chillies and mangoes. Mirchi raised in pallantla is in great demand for preparation of pickles for which it draws customers from far-flung place.



Single-origin Pallantla Cashew Nut. 


These Cashew Nuts are 100% Naturally grown in the small village of Pallantla, located in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Pallantla is known for its Red Chili's and cashew nuts and mango cultivation. 


Cashew Nuts


A nutritious snack to munch on during any time of the day. Cashews can be ground and added to curry masala for a thick delicious gravy or used to make a variety of Indian sweets.

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