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Khandsari is a type of unrefined raw white sugar made from thickened sugar cane syrup.

It is neither bleached nor contains harmful chemicals and additives.
It is full of minerals and other nutrients, making it a healthier choice than refined, chemically treated sugar.

Raw, Natural & Unprocessed Organic Khandsari Sugar.
Indian bodies have been consuming Khandsari from generations so it is very suitable and easy to digest for our bodies.

Khandsari (Also known as ‘Khaand’) .Khandsari is a simple sugar that is physically extracted from the liquid jaggery making it the healthiest alternative to refined white sugar.

The sugarcane juice is boiled until it turns into thick liquid jaggery syrup. Then the syrup is let stay for couple of days for the formation of sugar crystals. Finally, the sugar crystals are separated using centrifugal machine. The process of separating sugar crystals is mechanical hence keeping the sugar chemical-free. No bleaching or refining agents are used anywhere in the process.
this process makes khandsari a healthier raw sugar than mill manufactured raw sugars. “It is the mother of raw sugars”.

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