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Rustic Art - Organic Orange Neem Hand Wash | With Neem, Karanja and Orange

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Hand & Foot Care

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Are you the one who lends people their helping hand? Now keep your hands as naturally clean as your mind!

The Organic Orange Neem Hand Wash is a soap based hand wash made with organic vegetable oils. It keeps your skin soft even with frequent hand washing. It cleanses, deodorizes and removes all the dirt from your hands. It is baby and kid safe. It requires less water to rinse off, save water while saving yourself. It is 100% vegan, organic and made in India.

It is rich in nature’s anti bacterial super herbs like Neem, Karanja and Orange. Oranges’ acidity and Neem’s anti bacterial, anti fungal combo, makes it a perfect cleanser and disinfectant. It is smartly formulated to be safe to use. Now say good bye to chemicals and the worries surrounding the same. Use it before cooking, before eating, after washroom, and just whenever you want to feel neat and tidy.

Water Efficient: Requires less water to rinse off. It is biodegradeable, does not add any toxic pollutants to wastewater.

#LessIsMore: Use just half a pump, lather and rinse.

DIY economical Rustic Art Orange Neem Hand Wash Concentrate refill pack available. Just dilute, and use! Economical: Effective cost of about Rs. 54/100 ml when diluted to 1.5 litre.

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