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Pure & Sure - Organic Pad Thai Sauce - 50 GM

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100% ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCTS: Pure & Sure brings you a nutritious range of organic sauce and pastes grown using the best agriculture practices. Our pad thai sauce is 100% organic, and free from preservatives, artificial flavours and other harmful food additives.

HEALTHY & NUTRITIOUS: Perhaps you want to whip up a healthy soup? Maybe you feel like cooking pad thai noodles for lunch. Our organic pad thai sauce is sweet, and citrus flavored making it the perfect stir fry sauce for a traditional Pad Thai recipe.

THAI FOOD COOKING: Our Pad Thai sauce can be mixed with slow cooked rotisserie chicken, shrimp, tofu and bean sprouts alongside glass noodles for a home cooked Asian meal. You can also sauté vegetables with the pad thai curry sauce for a tasty and spicy vegan meal.

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