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Pure & Sure - Organic Kodbale - 200 GM | Healthy Namkeen Snacks

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ORGANIC INDIAN Healthy Namkeen Snacks: Pure & Sure brings you a nutritious range of healthy snacks that are sourced from certified organic farms in India. Kodbale is a tasty vegetarian snack made from puffed rice, one of the most popular homemade snacks native to Karnataka.

PACKED WITH NUTRITION: Kodbale is a famous tea-time snack ideal for weight watchers and fitness enthusiasts. This tasty snacks mixture is both crunchy and delicious. It is made from natural ingredients and is rich in antioxidants and fiber but low in cholesterol.

HEALTHY SNACKING ON THE GO: Kodbale is one of the best murukulu snacks that go perfectly with a cup of hot chai when you’re at home or the office. This savory south Indian snack is a healthier alternative to junk food and doesn't contain trans fats, or artificial colors.

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