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Organic Soul - Golden Milk Spice Mix Powder - 100 GM | Curcumin, Ayurvedic, Kadha

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Golden Milk Spice Mix Powder: Organic Soul Golden Milk is based on the traditional Ayurvedic recipe that has been saved for centuries and used to support the mind, body, and spirit in a number of ways. The turmeric used is having a curcumin content of 7% making it therapeutic. We purchase organic our spices in its whole form and grind them in our certified organic facility to ensure the highest purity and zero contamination. Have a teaspoon of this mix dissolved in a cup of hot milk or water.

We are a young organization led by passionate people with a zeal to make Healthy, Chemical Free, Organic & Nutrient Rich Food & Products available to all and to inspire people to eat the best and live longer. At the backend supply side, we see farming communities especially women are not getting their dues in form of appreciation of their hard work & incentives for adopting sustainable organic practices. We thought of marrying both roles by offering quality, healthy, nutrient-rich & certified organic products as per the need of consumers with the deserved value addition at going back to the source that is our organic farmers.

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