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Nutty Yogi Original Iranian Mamra Almonds

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They say Almonds are the food for the brain. And Iranian Mamra are the best in the world. Full of natural oils and un spoilt, these are a gift of nature. So go snacking with the most nutritious - Mamra Almonds.

Rich in Omega Fatty Acids and completely absent of Trans Fat or Cholesterol, these almonds will definitely give snacking a whole new dimension.

Health Quotient

  • Goodness of Almonds
  • Excellent source of ¬†Vitamin E ¬†
  • Rich in Protein, Fiber & Minerals
  • Superfood ¬†
  • Heart friendly
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Improves Metabolic Rate
  • Good for Bones and teeth
  • Good for Diabetes
  • Weight Loss and Weight Gain
  • Best Brain food

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