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Nutriorg - Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals

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Nutri Org

Salt, Sugar & Jaggery

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Nutriorg Himalayan Pink Salt, 100 gm, is one of the purest salts available. It contains over 84 minerals and traces of elements including Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Copper & Iron. Its color variations are indicative of its mineral contents. It is wood-crushed and is of 100% premium quality. It is obtained from the most authentic form of Himalayan rock salt. A couple of hundreds of millions of years ago crystallized sea salt, now deep within the Himalayas, was covered by lava, snow, and ice, which kept it a pristine environment and protected the salt from modern-day pollution. Thus, Himalayan Pink salt is the purest salt to be found on earth. It is now hand-mined from the mountains and brought to the culinary market.

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