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Natureland - Groundnut Oil | Cold Pressed, Kolhu, Kachi Ghani - 1 LTR

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Groundnut/Peanut oil is extracted from premium quality crushed groundnuts (peanuts). Groundnut/Peanut oil has been very popular as a cooking medium in India as it is not subjected to high temperatures. It is 100% natural, unprocessed, synthetic pesticide-free, cold-pressed, chemical-free, and healthy. The oil is 100% pure, vegan, preservative-free. Kohlu pressing/ Wood-pressing method ensures that all the nutrients and rich taste of groundnut are retained.

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  • Cold-Pressed
  • It is used to reduce inflammation.
  • Rich in Vitamin-E ensures you have happy and glowy skin.
  • Helps in preventing the appearance of early signs of aging
  • Fights free radical damage and prevents from cardio – vascular diseases.
  • Contains unsaturated fat (both poly and mono), which is believed to be a good, healthy source of fat. This reduces the risk of heart disease and lowers bad cholesterol levels
  • Antioxidants protect the body from toxins. Groundnut oil contains phytochemicals and vitamin E, both of which are natural antioxidants

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