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Native Tongue - Smokey Aam Panna

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Smoked Aam Panna With Toasted Spices

Ingredients: Raw Mango, Raw Sugar, Cumin, Byadgi Chilli, Rock Salt

Local variety of Kairisare fire roasted till the skin is charred and the rustic smoky aroma permeates through the pulp. Our version of Aam Panna is flavoured with signature blend of toasted spices, making it a perfect khatta-meetha summer cooler.

How To Use: Add 1 part squash to 2 parts chilled water or club soda for a refreshing summer beverage or shake it in a cocktail. What more? Use it as a glaze for paneer or fish or drizzle it on a cool salad as a dressing.

Quantity: 300 Mls

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