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Happilo Queen Kalmi Dates Premium 200 Gm

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Dry Fruits Nuts & Seeds

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Remember the childhood days when a fruit was the best way to satiate hunger. For the hunger pangs for today's busy-ness we bring you these nutty delights in form of dried fruits. Eat one, eat more, be rest assured its only the goodness you have consumed. After all Nutrition is our only Tradition.

Happilo Queen Kalmi Dates Premium International contains Sweet Kalmi dates especially sourced from Saudi Arabia. One of the world’s most delicious farm fresh dates, these dates are 100% naturally sun dried to preserve its natural goodness. Premium quality and large size, these are pleasantly sweet and melt in the mouth kind of dates 

Health Quotient

  • Rich in Vitamins and Minerals
  • Good source of Energy
  • Rich in Iron and Calcium
  • Heart friendly
  • Excellent source of nutrition
  • Super Food



Premium Kalmi Dates

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