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Happilo Premium Dried Afghani Anjeer 200 Gm

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Dry Fruits Nuts & Seeds

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Popularly known as Anjeer or Anjeera, these dried Afgani figs have a sweet taste and it offers a variety of health benefits.

These anjeers are ideal for snacking at any time and anywhere, mixing in yogurt, salad or adding as the toppings on cereals and oatmeal.

  • 100% authentic Afgani Anjeer perfectly suitable for a weight watcher’s diet as it is low in calories, high in dietary fiber, no GMO, zero Trans Fat, and zero Cholesterol.
    2. It is rich in zinc, manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron, folic acid and vitamin C & K to fight against several health problems.
    3. A very good, gluten-free snack that also looks after your health.



Premium Anjeer

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