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Green Sense Salt Mix (Mixture of Himalayan Pink Salt & White Salt)

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Green Sense

Salt, Sugar & Seasoning

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Salt is one of the most basic requirements in every kitchen and is used every day and in almost every single food preparation. The quality of something that goes into our system every single day, has to be right.

White Salt v/s Salt Mix?

For the longest time, the biggest confusion has been around the type of salt best suited for our health. Pink salt? White Salt? Isn’t white salt bad for us? Oh, but what about Iodine? Should I move to pink salt completely?

These and more are the kind of questions that we continue receiving, till date.

Most have demonised white salt and completely shifted to pink salt. Turns out, this shift isn’t as healthy as believed. Our bodies benefit the most from a mix of both- white and pink.

White salt – also recognized as NaCl – is actually needed by the body. It is one of the most easily available, natural and major dietary sources of iodine, a super important mineral for our body, especially for Indians because our traditional diet doesn’t include foods like seaweed, nori and neither are most sea food eaters. Iodine plays a vital role in thyroid health & the cognitive development of children. Excess of white salt is of course bad, and hence moderation is advised.

Himalayan Pink salt on the other hand, is one of the best-known types of rock salt and contains around 85 trace minerals that are very essential to our body. Although the pink salt contains more minerals than white salt, the difference isn’t enough to drastically impact your health.

It is thus ideal to use a mix of white and pink salts (also known as Himalayan salt), so that our bodies can get a variety of trace minerals.

Why is the Salt Mix a better option?

After intensive scientific research and our experience in handling several cases, we concluded that the best results are when we use a mix of both the salts, i.e. pink salt and white salt in a perfect ratio. This ratio turns out to be the best and most appropriate considering our bodies requirements for trace minerals including iodine.

What is the salt mix made up of?

A thoughtful, carefully calculated and scientifically studied mix of chemical free, superior quality and hygienic pink salt and white salt in a unique ratio.

The mix is free of any bleaching agents and anti-caking agents.

Benefits of salt mix:

  • Easy and convenient
  • Unique combination that brings the best of both salts together
  • Suitable for most individuals, including thyroid conditions, iodine deficiencies, hypertension
  • Rich in trace minerals like manganese, iron, copper, zinc, iron oxide which gives it a pinkish hue
  • Rich in electrolytes
  • Supports growth, development and cognition in kids
  • Supports healthy cellular metabolism


  • Suitable seasoning for all dishes
  • For gargling in case of sore throats
  • For structuring water
  • In electrolyte drinks for athletes or during workouts
  • For disinfecting fruits and vegetables

**Disclaimer: Please discuss its use with a health professional in case of Chronic Kidney Disease.**

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