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Eat Better - The Better Laddoo – Cinnamon & Sesame

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eat better

Guilt Free Snacks

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Indulgent. Decadent. Healthy. All Natural. Plant Energy.

Eating one of these is as refreshing as a 15-minute power nap. Wait... that's not all, this laddoo is made with ingredients that are rich in minerals, nutrients & fibers that give you the power to get more done with your day.

A Laddoo that does not leave an aftertaste of guilt!

Made using Dates, Almonds, Amaranth, Chia Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Cinnamon & Sesame. That's it! No added preservatives, chemicals, or sugar.

Taste experience: Taste the nutty notes of Almonds & Sesame in the first bite. Followed by the natural sweetness of Dates with hints of Cinnamon & Ginger. Rounding it all off are flavors of Amaranth & Poppy Seeds. A deliciously wholesome Better laddoo.

A great snack to have in between meals as it makes you feel full and gives you the energy to get more done with your day. It's 100% natural and handmade using premium ingredients.


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