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Early Foods - Combo of Porridges (Sprouted Ragi & Carrot, Rice & Moong, Whole Wheat Almond Date))

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early foods


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Sprouted Ragi & Carrot Porridge Mix, 200g

 Rice & Moong Porridge Mix, 200g

Whole Wheat Almond & Dates Porridge Mix, 200g



Pack 1 - Organic Sprouted Ragi & Carrot Porridge mix 200g, Pack 2 - Organic Rice & Moong Porridge Mix 200g, Pack 3 - Whole Wheat Almond & Date Porridge Mix 200g

Freshly prepared porridge mix once you order online. Because little children need fresh food for maximum nutrition.

Cooks within 5 Mins. Best for those early morning breakfasts that not only needs to be quick but filling & healthy too

Grandma inspired recipes, simple, healthy with minimal processing


No added sugar or salt or milk powder. No preservatives, colours or artificial flavours

 Whole Wheat, Almond & Dates Porridge Mix Ingredients:

Wheat, Dates, Almonds, Watermelon Seeds, Cardamom

 Rice & Moong Porridge Mix Ingredients:

Handpounded White Rice, Split Moong Dal/Lentils, Kodo Millet, Pepper, Jeera, Ajwain

Sprouted Ragi & Carrot Porridge Mix, 200g

 Sprouted Ragi/Naachni/Finger Millet, Dates, Watermelon Seeds, Almonds, Carrots, Cardamom

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