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Coconut Coir Pedicure Brush -(Self Care)

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Intimate Hygiene

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Introducing Coconut Coir Pedicure Brush!

Our Coconut Coir Pedicure Brush is one of that tools derived from the natural coconut coir fiber. When it comes to pedicure, exfoliation is must in order to remove the dead skin cells from your feet. Using a natural fiber bristle will aid in better exfoliation and keep toxicity at bay. This will also hydrate and keep the skin healthy.

With attention to detail we have kept the Coir bristles soft and they are specially hand combed for self care purpose. It’s suitable for both dry & wet usage (as it gives a good lather with soap). Ergonomically designed our pedicure brush is lightweight and easy to use.

This can be a go to when you need a natural and soulful pampering

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