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Being Desi Organic Tur Daal (Red Gram Pulses)

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Tur dal is a common dal found in a wide range of Indian and international cuisines. The tur dal from Being Desi is made with only the best pulses that have been hand-picked to ensure that no adulterants are present. Tur dal, often known as pigeon pea, is a nutritious human meal that can be eaten with cereals. In India’s mostly vegetarian diet, it is an important source of protein. In locations where it grows, fresh young pods are eaten as a vegetable in dishes like sambar. Being Desi tur dal is meticulously cured to guarantee that the promise of quality is kept to clients. The polythene wrapper does an excellent job of keeping the dal fresh. Being Desi tur dal is also made without the use of harmful chemicals and is organic. Tur dal, also known as arhar dal, is high in protein, carbs, and fibre. This modest pulse helps you achieve your daily iron and calcium requirements. Aside from that, tur dal is an excellent source of folic acids, which are necessary for foetal growth and the prevention of birth abnormalities in newborns. Pulses are well-known for their heart-health benefits, including as lowering bad cholesterol and blood pressure. Making it a point to consume pulses on a daily basis can also help to keep your heart healthy, lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Shelf life: 6 months

100% CERTIFIED Organic Tur Daal direct From certified organic Farm.

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