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Beco Cotton Balls | 100% Pure Virgin Cotton - 50 PC

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Intimate Hygiene

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  • | Makeup Remover/ Intimate Hygiene/Baby Care
  • Beco Cotton Balls have a multi-layer design that creates a soft, yet strong lint-free cotton round. The perfect tool to kick off your nightly skin care routine by gently removing makeup and impurities. Not only are they softer and better absorbing than synthetics but also more luxurious to the touch. They are ideal for make-up application or removal. These are Baby safe and gentle, ideal for cleaning, great for applying lotion, oil & powder. Also ideal for Home polishing of silver & brassware. 

    1. One box has 50 pieces
    2. Made from 100% pure virgin cotton - Superior softness and absorbency
    3. Allergy-free and BPA, Paraben Free - Jumbo sized cotton balls in an easy to use eco-friendly paper box
    4. Multipurpose Use - Great for first aid.

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