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Barva - Natural Lipsticks | Made with Cow Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Color :
208 Pomegranate – colour of pomegranate seeds
217 Lilac – light purple-pink
222 Orchid – nude
225 Rose Damask – nude pink
313 Cotton Candy – bright pink-orange
336 Fuchsia – dark nude pink
408 Natural Brown
504 Passion – pinkish brown
604 Fiery – bright red
612 Elegant Red
616 Wine Red – deep red
702 Pink Pearl
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A natural lipstick made using a 100% natural base and mineral colours. A creamy and highly nourishing formulation that not only makes your lips look luscious, but also takes care of them thanks to the goodness of clarified butter, Kokam butter (garcinia indica), and beeswax.

Available in a wide variety of lipstick shades, which include lipstick for dark skin, lipstick for fair skin & natural looking lipstick shades.

  • This natural lipstick is enriched with Cow Ghee, an ancient beauty ingredient that softens dry & chapped lips. It is also rich in Vitamin D, E, and essential fats. Combined with Kokum Butter, Beeswax, other natural waxes, and natural colours, the formulation forms a protective layer on the lips to lock in moisture & nutrients.
  • Multi-purpose! Use as blush, eyeshadow, contour
  • They also prevents the ageing, cracking, blackening of lips.
  • Available in a wide range of natural looking lipstick shades, nude shades, red lipsticks, pink lipsticks, as well as lipstick for dark skin, fair skin, and dusky skin tones. - Use as 

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'Barva’ in Sanskrit is ‘goodness’. Our products are just that – filled with natural goodness, safe to use and affordable. Easy to apply, multi-tasking products, for daily use.

Our clarified butter range has skincare and makeup made using cow ghee & kokum butter that work wonders for your skin. The flowery aroma of the makeup and the citrus scents of the skincare will put you in a good mood!

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