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Barva - Refreshing Natural Face Wash / Cleanser (Peppermint & Neem)

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Facewash & Cleanser

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This Refreshing Natural Face Wash/Face Cleanser is very mild foaming face wash that gently cleanses your skin without stripping away the natural oils, and maintains a healthy skin pH. Our customers have rated it as the best natural face wash oily skin.

It's made with peppermint oil & neem extract, cools and refreshes skin instantly.

'Barva’ in Sanskrit is ‘goodness’. Our products are just that – filled with natural goodness, safe to use and affordable. Easy to apply, multi-tasking products, for daily use.

Our clarified butter range has skincare and makeup made using cow ghee & kokum butter that work wonders for your skin. The flowery aroma of the makeup and the citrus scents of the skincare will put you in a good mood!


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