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Barva - Calming Lavender Body Wash / Shower Gel

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Shower Gel & Body Wash

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The Lavender Body Wash/Shower Gel is a refreshing and soothing body wash that contains lavender essential oil & other refreshing ingredients. It deep cleanses the skin with its gentle foam as well as balances its natural pH.

It's made with lavender essential oil known to relieve stress, uplift mood.

'Barva’ in Sanskrit is ‘goodness’. Our products are just that – filled with natural goodness, safe to use and affordable. Easy to apply, multi-tasking products, for daily use.

Our clarified butter range has skincare and makeup made using cow ghee & kokum butter that work wonders for your skin. The flowery aroma of the makeup and the citrus scents of the skincare will put you in a good mood!


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