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Alyuva - Daily Hydrating Day Cream | Sun Flower, Grape Seed & Rosehip Oil

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Moisturiser & Cream

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Alyuva’s Daily Hydration Day Cream is an all-natural water-based blend developed using the ancient natural recipe of Shata Dhauta Ghrita, which itself is known as the world’s best moisturizer.

Shata Dhauta Ghrita helps other herbs and oils penetrate through the 7 layers of the skin to nourish and moisturize the skin from within. This wonder moisturizer is enriched with other hydrating and moisturizing oils and herbs to produce this unique cream, which helps to keep your skin cool, hydrated and moisturized through the hot summer months.

EFFICIENTLY EFFECTIVE FOR: Too much sun is bad for your skin. Not only can you get tanned but it can result in premature ageing of skin too. Products that block pores can cause more problems. Alyuva’s Daily Hydration Day Cream is an ultra-nourishing product that lets your skin breathe naturally with very light moisturization. It has just the right amount of hydrating agents to keep your skin radiating and glowing reducing acnes, heat burns and clogging.

Sun Flower Oil

Sunflower oil is one of the best natural oils for skin care because it helps reduce inflammation and is rich in Vitamin E, which is a top antioxidant. Sunflower is also great for acne prone skin due to the fact that it contains 60% in linoleic acid, which is polyunsaturated fatty acid.

Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil is a very light moisturizer and is easily absorbed by the skin. The oil can be used for treatment of acne, as it helps to balance out the dry and oily patches on the skin. Using Grape Seed Oil for oily skin is very beneficial due to it being high in linoleic acid. This acid has been tested to reduced clogged pores, which ultimately can help reduce your natural skin oil content.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil contains powerful nutrients that fortify the skin with essential nutrients and improves its health. It also helps unclog pores (rosehip oil is non-comedogenic) and prevent pimples. This oil is rich in essential fatty acids – oleic, linoleic, palmitic, and gamma linoleic acids, and vitamins A, C, and E – all of which contribute to help improve skin health and delay the signs of aging.

Lemon Oil

Its anti-bacterial properties can also sanitize wounds. Its astringent property rejuvenates dull complexions, making Lemon Oil effective for restoring the luster on tired or sagging skin. Lemon Essential Oil’s high vitamin content boosts immunity by stimulating the body’s ability to combat harmful bacteria.


When you’re feeling dehydrated, you drink water so your body can rehydrate. Likewise the skin uses water to rehydrate and applying a water-based moisturizer helps your skin lock in moisture and remain always hydrated. Staying well hydrated can help maintain your skin’s elasticity and combat the appearance of those dreaded wrinkles.


Glycerine is beneficial in oily skin conditions, like acne, skin infections, wrinkles and fine lines. It attracts moisture from within and from the air and helps in providing required hydration to the skin. It also acts as an emollient and makes the skin moist, soft and supple.

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