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Adya Organics - White Sesame Seeds Kolhu Oil | Til ka Tel - 500 ML

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Edible Oils & Ghee

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Sesame oil is extracted from white sesame seeds using the traditional Kolhu method. Sesame seeds are known to be a rich source of calcium, Vitamin E & other nutrients, making them great antioxidants. 

Known as Til ka tel this oil is one of the lesser known and healthiest alternative to vegetable oils.
With impressive amounts of vitamin E & K the beneficial component is this oil is extremely high.


Our process involves crushing the seeds under low temperatures to retain the natural flavor and nutritional value of the sesame seeds. One of the healthiest oils, sesame oil should be consumed as a part of a daily diet to fulfill the daily dietary requirement of calcium.

Extracted from naturally grown sesame seeds using bull energy with Babul wood roller (also know as Kohlu ka Bel) under low temperature and slow process. Retaining all its nutritional benefits.


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