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Eucalyptus honey, 500 gm, is a monofloral variety of honey that is instantly recognisable for its distinctive flavor, aroma, and colour. It is produced from honeybees pollinating the blossoms of the eucalyptus tree and sometimes gathering of the honeydew found on the bark of these trees.
We are now adding this *immunity booster* to your list of must haves for its various health benefits.
Launching *Eucalyptus honey* from the highlands of Himachal Pradesh & Punjab. It is known to have medicinal and healing properties according to Ayurveda.
Harvested from the beehives kept in their natural form in the Himachal region, It is termed eucalyptus as the honey is made from by bees that forage on the nectar of eucalyptus blossoms. It is completely raw, unprocessed, unheated, unpasteurized and pure. Our single-origin/ Monofloral Eucalyptus honey has a strong and intense flavour which makes it everyone’s favourite. The honey is our limited edition as it’s procured in small batches only.  
Eucalyptus honey has a medium-dark colour and may have a red tinge. It has been found that the darker the colour of eucalyptus honey, the more pronounced a reddish tint will be.
It can range from tart to sweet.
Store in a cool and dry place. Please note that, honey may crystallize in low temperatures. It is FSSAI Certified & Lab tested for its purity. Our Multi Flora Honey keeps all the natural characteristics found within the honeycomb fully intact as it is filtered only once to remove the particles of the honeycomb. With a vision to deliver raw and pure honey at your doorstep with natural goodness, we have prevented it from further heating, processing or machine filtration. Therefore, having done what it takes to keep it natural, it may crystallize in colder temperatures only to prove its original worth.
1. The honey have antibacterial and anti fungal properties.
2. Eucalyptus honey is said to be helpful for joint pains and respiratory problems.
3. It’s great for the skin and helps to fight against acne.
4. It can be used to soothe bad throats and acts as a natural remedy for flu and aids nasal congestion.
5. It helps in easy digestion.
6. It’s packed with antioxidants and other helpful nutrients.
Order our limited edition honey embraced by @luke_coutinho now.

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