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Adya Organics - Dheki Rice - Handpounded Rice | Low GI & Diabetic-Friendly, 1 KG

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Rice, Poha & Sabudana

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Eat rice processed by hand, the way our ancestors ate it! "Dheki Ka Chawal” as it was called in the olden days, was the only way dhan / paddy was converted to rice for consumption by our ancestors using a wooden pounder. This is still done by women like in the olden times at our farms. The rice produced using this method is high on fibre.


It’s made without using any machine/chemical/electric. Human Hand Pounded Natural rice is one the tastiest and the healthiest alternative to brown/white rice with a very strong aroma.

Traditionally in the villages, women in the family separate the dhan and rice through these ancient methods. working on the dheki with her foot, removing the husk from rice and separating the dust, dirt, stone and other unnecessary elements from the rice after it’s brought out of Dheki with a ‘supe’ through the process of ‘phatka’.

Though it may take more time to cook, it compensates for its nourishment. In this process there is some breakage which results in small grain. It is completely unpolished and retains most of its nutrients.

We are trying to go back to our roots & save Ancient Traditions which is very rare now. These practices also help us in generating employment for our local communities.


  • It is low on the Glycemic Index and therefore considered safe for diabetics and all those on a specific diet.
  • The nuttiness of rice holds up well to spices and blends seamlessly with a delicious dal, sabzi, curries and so on.
  • Believed to reduce cholesterol and the danger of cardiovascular illnesses
  • Promotes weight loss as the complex carbohydrate keeps you satiated for a longer time so you avoid binging. Even small portions keep you full for longer time.
  • The variant helps lower the risk of cancer and other new age illnesses including cholesterol
  • It is linked with lowering the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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