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Adya Organics - Dadi Maa Ka Aam Ka Achaar | Handmade Desi Mango Pickle

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Get a taste of the nostalgic flavour of Aam ka Achaar made by our very own Dadi Ma.
Something that Deliciously takes you down memory lane that each home and each of our plates has experienced!

Adya Organics brings to you a Homemade Achar, 400 GM, straight from our farms located in the hills of Uttarakhand. An indigenous achaar made using a unique mixture of authentic and traditional flavours that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


Dadi Maa Ka Aam Ka Achaar is made using mustard oil taken from the kohlu method with homegrown mustards. Methi, ajwain, mangrela, sauf, rock salt, Haldi, black salt, natural vinegar, red chilli powder and hing are used to add flavour to this delightful mango pickle.


The Achaar is light on your stomach and helps in digesting certain foods well. Our Dadi Maa Ka Aam Ka Achaar is best paired with tasty paranthas topped with desi ghee. It can also be consumed with hot and fresh rotis, khichdi, upma, poha and several Gujarati snacks.

The mango pickle has a combination of traditional and authentic flavours, made with the best quality ingredients. There is even a secret ingredient in this achaar. The secret ingredient of the Organic Aam ka achar is Dadi Maa’s love.


There are several benefits of having this Traditional Indian Achar.

1. This Organic Aam ka Achar aids in digestion and clears the digestive tracts.

2. Packed with the power of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this Homemade achaar is both nutritious and delicious.

3. This achaar helps boost immunity in the body

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