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Adya Organics - Multi Flora Raw Honey | 100% Pure | Luke Coutinho Recommended

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Adya Organics Honey (Raw Multi Flora), 500 GM, is extracted naturally by experts from beehives in the organic farms. No chemicals, preservatives or artificial colour and flavour has been added to this product. It acts as a natural energy booster and can also be used as a substitute for sugar.


Adya Organics raw honey is collected by our expert bee-keepers naturally from beehives at our organic farms. Away from pollution, bees collect nectar naturally from multiple flowers. Adya Organics collects multi-flora honey from hives carefully and packs it without processing or adding any preservatives or artificial sweeteners, promising purest form of raw honey with all its natural benefits. Every beehive has around nine to ten of Sliding frames, where the bees form their honeycombs to store the honey. Raw honey is as natural as it gets, you get the same nectar that’s collected by the bees in a honey comb. Separated from the large boxes, filtered and bottled. That’s the purest form of honey, directly taken out from the frame of a hive. We deliver the same honey to your doorsteps, there are no ingredients/elements added whatsoever to this procured honey.


Honey & Crystallization?

We get a lot of people reaching out with the concerns that their honey has crystallised particles at the bottom, some assume it to be added sugar. For anyone with those concerns and those who are in the process of accepting the new healthier ways let us tell you that the crystallization of honey is actually a trait of pure, natural honey. During crystallization the glucose sugar (the natural sugar in nectar) in honey separates from the water and turns into white crystals because it is an over-saturated sugar solution. The process of crystallization is known to preserve certain characteristics of your honey like flavour and quality.

How Ayurveda asks you to consume Honey:

•Never heat honey!
Although the exact temperature is debatable, it is clearly written in the ancient Ayurvedic texts that honey when heated is a direct cause of creating toxins in the system.
•Never take honey and ghee together in equal proportions by WEIGHT (not volume).
It is clearly stated in the classical Ayurvedic texts that taking ghee with honey in equal proportions by weight (e.g. 1 gram of honey to 1 gram of ghee) transforms them from healing substances to congestive toxic sludge as they go through the digestive process.
•Honey should be avoided by Pitta types or by those with a Pitta imbalance.
Those with a Pitta imbalance (hyperacidity, eczema, psoriasis, rash, etc) should avoid using honey, especially regularly or in larger amounts.
•Honey is a great option for Kapha types, Kapha imbalances, weight loss and detoxification.
One of the main qualities honey possesses is known as lekhana, or its ability to scrape away accumulation in the system. Because of this, honey is considered a great medicine for Kapha types or anyone with a Kapha imbalance.
•Take honey with herbs to enhance their potency.
Honey possesses another unique quality known as Yoga Vahi that allows it to enhance the healing properties of other substances when taken together.
•Take honey with ghee (not in equal weight) to promote energy, rejuvenation and longevity.
Taking honey with ghee (Always avoid taking ghee and honey in equal amounts by weight!)is considered a healing ambrosia with powerful health benefits.

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