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Adya Organics - Chana Sattu Atta | Stoneground Flour 1 KG

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Adya Organics provides 100% pure sattu stone ground that is considered to be an indigenous superfood rich in protein and fiber. Made from choicest gram crop by dry roasting and grinding into a powdered form, sattu provides much-needed energy for day-long work without being heavy on the stomach.


- We source sattu from our own Bahiyara farm in Bihar – a place where sattu is a part of the staple diet. Our innovative prepping and dry roasting process retains the natural nutritional qualities of Sattu and you can store it for a long time.

- Adya Organics' Sattu is grounded using the ancient method used earlier to ground flour with the help of a stone chakki.

- The traditional Indian chakki is formed with two round stones being placed on top of each other and a handle being used to turn the top stone.

- The grain is poured into the upper stone, called the runner, and is distributed across the bottom stone, called the sleeper.

- Stoneground milling, which is done in a cool and gentle way, retains all the vitamins and nutrients making it the better choice.



It is believed to be a Superfood! When consumed on an empty stomach, sattu stimulates the growth of the red blood cells in the body. With more red blood cells in the body, you get more oxygen, which provides you with more energy throughout the day.

  • Good for digestion and intestine health
  • Wholesome meal with low sodium content
  • Suitable for diabetic patients because of low glycemic content


Sattu Parathas: Delicious Sattu Parathas with chopped onion, coriander leaves, green chilli, ginger, garlic, ajwain, lemon juice and amchoor powder. Combine this with fresh curd and Adya Organics' Dadi Maa ka Aam ka Achaar!

Sweet & Savoury Sattu ka Ghol: It’s already started to get warmer by the day, and the best (and absolutely healthy) treat you can give yourself most of this summer is a nice glass of ‘Sattu ka Ghol’. This savoury sherbet is made using Sattu and finely chopped onions, green chillies and coriander in it. This drink is an absolute delight & natural coolant in the scorching heat.

Sattu Laddoos: Another Favourite Made from Sattu & Jaggery these ladoos are full of carbohydrates, protein, and nutrients that are good for the body.


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