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Shivansh - Organic Brown Ambemohar Rice - 500 GM

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Rice, Poha & Sabudana

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Ambemohar rice, received its name from the sweet smell of the rice when cooked, the scent permeates the house. Ambe means mango, mohar means flowers.The rice is a low yielding type and is short in length and round; it has rapid cooking characteristics.

Ambemohar rice is grown in the foothills of Western India, in the state of Maharashtra. There are several uses for the rice:

  1. Thick soup of rice and milk; which is provided to children, the elderly and the sick.
  2. Religious ceremonies, the rice is used.
  3. The rice is also involved in wedding ceremonies.
  4. In the Mulshi region of the Pun district, the making of the traditional food, Vapholya during the Makar Sankranti festival.
  5. The bran from the rice plant is used in oil extraction.
  6. Can also be used in the cultivation of mushrooms.

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