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Adya Organics - Sonamasuri White Rice (Sonamasoori) | Hand Pounded

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Rice, Poha & Sabudana

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Adya Organics Sonamasuri White Rice | 100% Organic White Rice | | Chemical-Free | 100% Pure, Untouched and Unprocessed Rice 

  • Organic Sonamasuri White Rice is 100% organic and a powerhouse of your daily vital nutrients. We have selected the Sona Masuri rice among all the rice grains available as it is the healthiest white rice that can be consumed without a second thought.
  • The nutritious and flavourful Organic Rice is low in fat and therefore, low in calories as compared to long grain basmati rice that contains a lot of starch.
  • Adya Organics Sona Masuri Rice is 100% organically grown without the use of any pesticides or chemicals. It is considered to have higher nutrient value as it retains natural wholeness of the grain.
  • It is ideal for daily consumption and takes less time to cook compared to basmati rice. It can be used for making idli and dosa because of its medium-sized grains.

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