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Imported Hass Avocado 1 Piece

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About the product: 

Hass Avocados are highly nutritious, and an excellent alternative for butter. They're brimming with folate, potassium as well as Vitamic K, C and E. Besides being highly beneficial for your heart and gut health, they also serve as great addition to your salads, topping for toast and so on.

Storage Tip:

They’ll need to ripen a bit more at home; to speed it along, pop them in a paper bag with a ripe banana (or wrap in a paper) or store in a container of raw rice. Check to see if they're ripe by giving a gentle squeeze on top.

Store them in the refrigerator once ripened for better shelf life. In case you want them to ripen, store under room temperature for 2-3 days. Avoid cool temperature during ripening stage. 

Please note:

500gms contains approximately 2 avocados.

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