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Two Brothers Organic Farms - Cold Pressed Niger Seed Oil | Ram Til or Inga | Single-Filtered, 1 LTR

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Two Brothers

Cold-Pressed Oils & Ghee

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Cold pressed Niger Seed Oil, also known as Ram Til in hindi, Black seed or Inga seed.. Cold Pressed Niger Seed oil uses native variety Niger seeds. - 1 LTR

Ingredients - Niger Seeds


Aids healing, treating skin disorders and reducing pain; hence very good as a massage oil. 

Also used as an edible oil and considered to be supportive of heart health, as it could improve vascular health and circulation of blood. 

It is particularly beneficial in fighting infections due to its anti-parasitic properties. It is also good for people managing insomnia.

Free from trans fats and is an excellent source of antioxidants. Traditional Indian wood pressed oil that contains heart healthy MUFA (Mono unsaturated fatty acids).

Usage info

Healthy substitute for refined oil.

Can also be used on the skin for massages and as a hair oil.



Can we use this oil for deep frying?

Yes, we can use Niger seed oil for deep frying. 


Specific storage info

Store in a cool,dry place



Fibre sedimentation is natural in single filtered oils. It is 100% natural and contains no additives, preservatives or chemicals. It is unrefined.

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