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Shrishti Dairy A2 Gir Cow Vedic Ghee | 100% Pure & Natural

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100% Pure Ghee, is extracted from nutritious A2-grade milk. A2 milk is healthier for human consumption and is collected from indigenous Gir Cows. Our natural extraction and preparation process involves collecting milk from cows once the calf is satisfied, boiling the milk in earthen pots over wood fire and leaving it to curdle overnight. The curdled milk is churned by hand using the traditional Bilona method to separate buttermilk & Navneet, resulting in 100% pure, nutritious and organic A2 Milk Ghee.

Bilona Method: The A2- Grade Milk that is used to extract this milk ghee is known to be one of the healthiest cow milk to have ever existed. Such grade milk is found in the Gir cows and is turned into ghee using the Bilona method of churning. With the right sentiment of feeding the calves first, the milk is then collected from the cows and put to boil in earthen pots. After boiling the milk on wood and fire, it is left outside overnight for it to curdle. The curdled milk is then churned which separates the buttermilk from Navneet. The bilona method ghee then generates 100% A2 Gir Cow Ghee often known as Bilona Ghee or Bilona Method Ghee.

Explore more about our A2 milk, collected from pure-bred indigenous cows, that freely graze in organic pastures and fields, at our farms in Dehradun!

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