Whole Wheat Flour Vs Millets. Which is Better for Our's Health?

Sep 30 , 2022

Rahul Shrivastava

Whole Wheat Flour Vs Millets. Which is Better for Our's Health?

All of us have grown up consuming whole wheat flour all our lives, but with changing times, we have become more aware and health conscious. With so many healthier options to choose from, our eating habits have evolved.

One of the healthier alternatives to flour is millet. Millet is a type of grain incorporated into many global dishes that is gaining popularity in recent times. Millets contain a lot of fiber, certainly, more than wheat and white rice and also help to control blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

When eating millet, people often find that they tend to eat slow and get full much quicker due to the fiber content. Millet does contain grains but it is gluten-free. Around the world, millet is widely used in dishes with flatbreads, porridges, drinks, pillars and more.

Organic Wheat on the other hand is a cereal plant that is grown in many temperate countries. It is ground to make flour, bread, pasta, and pastry and is a global staple food. Wheat is often controversial because it contains a protein called gluten which can often trigger some unwanted immune responses in predisposed individuals.

Millet is the gluten-free saviour and in recent years, it has become a staple diet among weight watchers.

Foxtail millet, finger millet, pearl millet, Kodo, and little millet are various millet flours that are available and as a traditional cereal used widely in porridges, snacks and other breakfast recipes.

Millets contain six times more fiber than wheat, making them ideal for weight loss, and keeping you satiated for a longer time. Heaped with essentials nutrients and antioxidants millets provide you with bountiful benefits including-good for the heart and managing blood sugar spikes

Millets have become a better alternative than whole wheat flour for consumption considering their benefits for the human body. Since whole wheat flour is not consumable by everyone, the better and healthier option is millets.

Millets are better for the digestive system and also not allergic to the body since it does not contain glutton. Hence in the debate of which flour is better for our body, whole wheat flour or millet, millets win hands down due to their healthier properties.